Where is PR today?

The public relations industry is undergoing a huge change. For a discipline that relied on a passive audience, the internet has changed the very structure of PR. Now, anyone with an internet connection can create and share content, influence those around them and can have an impossibly wide reach. There are no limits to conversations that can be had on the internet, an interactivity that traditional print media lacks. Newspapers are still considered our most credible source of information, but for how long? The people once considered as a passive audience now have a wealth of information at their fingertips, with streamlined services to show them what they want and to ignore what they do not. Continue reading


Using Social Media in the Workplace

Kruckeberg and Starke said that public relations can be seen as ‘the active attempt to restore and maintain a sense of community’. This idea is particularly relevant when considering the use of social media in the workplace. With applications such as Yammer existing to ‘empower employees to be more productive and successful’, and Secret already becoming a PR problem for Nike, can it really be that easy to strike the right balance with social media in the workplace? Continue reading


My Time as a Student Practitioner

For the past two years, I have worked as a PR & Brand Development Executive for Paradice Clothing. Starting as a social media experiment, Paradice has gone from strength to strength. Most recently I have organised pop-up shop events in Boxpark, events in the Austrian Alps during ski season and stalls at Australian festivals. Creating engaging content and managing social media has been a big part of my role at Paradice, creating a loyal customer base by creating a brand with a strong conversational approach. Continue reading


Political Opinion via Social Media

Earlier today, following a rare comment on a Facebook status, my computer pinged with a notification.

“Clearly that Georgia thinks she’s some David Cameron, haha!!!”

Having an opinion on something other than ‘Pizza vs. Chinese?’ on a Sunday evening, or being let down by one team on your accumulator is often enough to make your presence on social media something to make some people uncomfortable; threatened, even. How is it so that the same tools have been instrumental in so many recent political developments? Continue reading


Sexism in Advertising = Boring

‘Sex sells.’

How many times has anyone ever heard that? Sexualising or belittling the abilities of women in advertising is something that many have come to see as so normal, we barely even notice when Volkswagen engineers are always described as ‘he’, or Lynx decide only men can go to space. Yet, sex is just a cheap trick. Its quite easy to recruit a lithe female, tousle her hair and have her writhe around in whatever product you’re trying to push than actually come up with a valid, clever campaign. Continue reading


React & Adapt: How is PR adapting to the digital age?

ImagePR has been transformed by ever developing technologies, designed to target both individuals and communities, along with new methods for sharing personalised messages. On the surface, these digital developments should simplify Public Relations efforts, with more direct channels and tools for communication. However, digital media has created a transparency – a new operating standard for practitioners, that in some respects completely undermines the ‘traditional’ view of PR. Continue reading